Push notifications for dApps, DAOs and pretty much anything else in the decentralized universe.

NeoCast is a web3 communication network, enabling cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services.

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Everything you need to notify your users.

NeoCast offers a full suite of products you'd need to convert, retain and keep users engaged with your apps.

  • Trigger notifications from any smart contract.

    NeoCast's SDK allows you to natively trigger push notifications and other forms of alerts straight from your own smart contract.

  • Receive notifications on any device.

    NeoCast offers a highly flexible outbound notification platform that can integrate itself into a plethora of apps with ease.

  • Schedule notifications to any target.

    Target specific wallets or user accounts and send out specialized notifications with NeoCast.

  • Zapier like plug-and-play functionality.

    Automate notification flows both on-chain and off-chain with NeoCast's Zapier like oracle functionality.

  • Neo & EVM Compatible wallets supported.

    NeoCast offers native support for Neo-based dApps & DAOs as well as EVM-based applications.

  • Request a custom feature for your dApp.

    We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at neocastapp@gmail.com.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is NeoCast?

      NeoCast is the world's first blockchain-agnostic decentralized communication protocol for Web3. It is an open network for validating and indexing all sorts of communication (notifications, chats, etc.) that can then be integrated by any crypto frontend (dApps, wallets, etc.). Any smart contract, dApp, or backend service can integrate NeoCast to provide a communication layer through notifications or chats that are tied to the wallet addresses of users.

    • How can I use NeoCast as an end-user?

      Connect to the NeoCast dApp and opt-in to channels to get notifications for protocols that are relevant to you. Channels are protocols that activate themselves on the NeoCast protocol to send notifications. You can receive notifications from any crypto frontends that have already integrated NeoCast. Alternatively, you can use NeoCast via the dApp, browser extension, and mobile app (Android & iOS) in case your favorite wallet or dApp doesn't have NeoCast support yet. NeoCast recently launched a wallet-to-wallet communication product called NeoCast Chat, which is in the alpha stage. Reach out to us on Discord to get exclusive NeoCast Chat access.

    • Is NeoCast a blockchain? Is NeoCast decentralized?

      NeoCast behaves similarly to a blockchain but is an open network. This means that data is validated and indexed but doesn't have to be aligned into blocks, as the proof of data validity is supplied with the communication payload itself. NeoCast operates on a network of nodes called NeoCast Nodes, which are responsible for the validation, storage, and delivery of notifications and chats. Major efforts are put into decentralizing NeoCast Nodes, which is in the final stages now. Any content or payloads getting delivered is already immutable and can't be changed, as they are secured using cryptographic proofs. The other part that ensures the content can't be censored is in the final stages of testing, and public alpha NeoCast Nodes are expected to be rolled out soon.

    • On which blockchain is NeoCast deployed? Can I send notifications from non-EVM chains as well?

      NeoCast is currently live on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB chain, with other major EVM chains and non-EVM/non-Ethereum chains to be supported soon. NeoCast Notifications via the gasless SDK and NeoCast Chat SDK support all EVM chains as of now.

    • What is NeoCast trying to solve?

      NeoCast is building the communication layer for Web3, using which any dApp, smart contract, or backend can send any real-time communications (such as notifications, chats, video, and more) that are tied directly to a user's wallet address (aka Web3 usernames). This addresses a major gap in the Web3 infrastructure, improving the everyday experience for blockchain users. The notifications (or any other communications) are off-chain and gasless for all scenarios except when a smart contract sends them (in which case the smart contract pays a slightly higher gas fee for the payload that is sent on the blockchain). While communications are encrypted and secure, they utilize the NeoCast open network, which means any dApp or crypto wallet can easily integrate them, making the lives of all Web3 users a lot easier and more akin to Web2 UX, where apps (or protocols) communicate with their users whenever something of importance occurs or is about to occur for them.

    • What are the Web3 communication products launched by NeoCast?

      NeoCast Notifications: Enables any smart contract, dApp, backend to deliver critical information as notifications to Web3 users directly to their wallet addresses. NeoCast Chat (wallet-to-wallet chat): Enabling two-way communication for Web3 users from their wallet addresses.